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cat people: dogs are cool too
dog people: cats don’t feel love did you know a cat once MURDERED my MOTHER

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cuckednomore asked: great blog please keep posting, can I ask whats the kinkiest thing you have been asked to do? x

My Dom Sir aked me to wear a skirt with no panties to college. Of course, I also had to get on the Subway and show my pussy to many men, as many men as I could. He knows I’m very into exhibitionism and he wanted to see if I was getting wet from that experience. After that, I had to send him a picture of my pussy in oder to show him the result of his game. When I arrived to College I was so turned on that I had to touch myself in the library.

What else? Mmmm…My Sir also knows I love humiliation so one time he wrote nasty words on my body with my red lipstick, then he made me walk down the Hotel hall fully naked and wearing heels and then he made me touch myself and squirt in the hall. 

diverx asked: And on the subject of tall girls, i dated this magnificent innocent yet sexy and sooo sexual without knowing girl who with her heels was taller than my 6'1... a girl that tall only more skin a curves to play with!! A sexy tall rollercoaster!!

Purrrrrsss Beautiful Girl indeed! I love tall girls too <3

diverx asked: Woman and sexuallity is unheard of;) A powerfull sensual woman is a whore! what an idiotic way if thinking. Powerfull woman only intimidate weak man , you do your thing do be careful with some creeps.. but one guy will understand you

I had to post this because I want all of my followers to read your words of wisdom! You have such positive energies! <3

diverx asked: Guys is an idiot if he thinks low of you for being in cam, is always bettet to let go insted of finding conflict.... but men are very insecure in sex, dont lie but with any luck he was a vanilla lover or nit a great kisser that usually will ge a guy

Ohhhh Diverx! You are so sweet and gentle. I trully appreciate your words and support. Not many people think like you do. It is difficult for a girl to express her sexuality and erotica with the rest of the world. Still, comments like yours always make me smile and give them the strength I need to keep doing what I love!

Love & Light! Vina.

Anonymous asked: Te busque en MFC y no te encontre ):


Por el momento no estoy trabajando seguido. Creo que volveré a hacer sesiones en Diciembre cuando haya terminado el Trimestre de la Universidad. Soy una alumna becada y necesito dedicarme mucho a mis estudios. Sin embargo, si puedes pagar via paypal en $$$ podríamos arreglar una sesion privada por Skype.

Estoy a la orden para lo que necesites. Muchas gracias por tu interes! Y muchos muchos muchos muchos besitos de chocolate para ti! :*